Here is a selection of testimonials from happy customers about my artwork.

I first saw Cristina’s work some months ago… and was taken by the soft, almost reassuring colours. I loved the ‘message’ in her work, so suggested that she did one for me. When it arrived I was very pleasantly surprised by the content…. very spiritual, in fact it took me on a spiritual journey back into my world and experiences, my best and happiest… the close up experience I had in San Francisco, with a hummingbird, I am a passionate bird lover…. the picture perfectly replicated the scene from that experience, the hearts coming from the tail feathers, depicting how I was so excited and loved seeing it. Then I move on to La Rochelle in France, and the experience of sailing into the marina and the millions of ladybirds…. as depicted in my beautiful painting, which has a message of love throughout… a very clever and very spiritual look back for me…. each one painted for the individual. 💛 Sandy Ingham, Medium and Psychic Artist

I adore Cristina’s inspiring calendars and am using her beautiful greeting cards as busy as a bee. Very comforting colours and themes. Her first book I consider the perfect present for children as well as adults. Am already looking forward to her upcoming work. Manuela

This calendar has a very special place in our home. We enjoy its beautiful energy through the colorful pictures and inspiring messages. Cristina’s artwork lifts your spirit. Alodie & Robert