A warm welcome to my website!

My art is about colour-touching people in their hearts and souls. Through my intuition and guidance from Spirit, I draw artwork infused with a strong healing power. I only use elevating colours that transmit a sense of peace, harmony, joy, love, beauty, optimism and trust.

My creations connect to the person’s heart, allowing for the recognition and release of unprocessed negative emotions. This frees up space to transmute negative feelings and replace them with more uplifting ones, thus allowing healing to take place in the heart and soul.

Each of my paintings is unique and infused with high vibrations from Spirit. Whether you place it in your special room, or the spot where you spend most of your time, the painting and its colours envelop you in a protective atmosphere of love, peace and harmony.

For each of my original artwork, you can check their specific healing power in the corresponding description under drawings.

If you feel inspired by my art, it would be a true honour to make you the guardian of my creations.

With joy,