Photo of Cristina Michels, spiritually-based artist.

Hi, my name is Cristina.

I am a spiritually-inspired artist, with a great passion for astrology, drawing and colours, teaching and everything involving the well-being of the body, mind and soul. 

I am on a spiritual path since more than 25 years.

Pushed by a strong call to alleviate human suffering, I have worked, for almost two decades, in the field of human rights internationally. What I have lived and witnessed in so many countries touched me deeply, strengthening my strong sense of love and compassion for my fellow human beings.

Then, in 2021, life circumstances brought me to the decision to turn my life around. I quit my job to return to my home region of Ticino, Switzerland.

That’s when magic happened…

One day, I came across a box of coloured pencils that I had bought years before and I had barely touched. Instinctively, I took a sheet and I drew a waterfall. That image symbolised everything I had just let go of and the immense potential opening up for me in the now. I felt so peaceful in putting this vision on paper that the following day I repeated the process. 

After a few more drawings, I noticed how my style and technique had improved, including the art of merging colours. I was amazed at my rapid progress, especially since I had never learnt to draw! Of course, spirit was guiding me, but I was not fully aware of it yet. 

When I showed my artwork to my loved ones, they were very impressed. They noticed the beauty and harmony of the colours, as well as the effect that the drawings had on them: an immediate sense of peace and serenity and good vibes. This encouraged me to continue. After some time I created this website.

By sharing my Healing Art from the Heart widely, it is my intention to touch as many people as possible in their hearts and souls, through colours, and lift their spirits.

With joy,